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With a reputation for innovative design, Broad Clearing Design & Concepts was founded in 2007 by award-winning Interior Designer Fredreka Bradley. With over 13 years of design experience, she is known for her expertise and professionalism. She has a broad range of styles and specialties that make her projects stand out.

Broad Clearing Design & Concepts is an in-demand Interior Design Firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her Projects include residential and commercial, with clients spanning throughout the United States. To learn more, check out services.

Broad Clearing Design & Concepts has recently introduced its Sister Company Bcdc Décor . It specializes in accent pillows, a MUST in the finished  look of your space. Bcdc Décor was created specifically for this reason. Its goal is to bring your home decor visions to life by using the smallest details to make the biggest impact.  

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